Book Workers Conference

Event Branding for the Guild of Book Workers annual Standards of Excellence conference in Atlanta Georgia

A circular event logo with a silhouette of the Atlanta city skyline above green that reads City in a Forest. On the outside of the event logo text reads Standards of Excellence - Atlanta 2020. Blow the stamp is additional text that reads Book Workers from all over the country come to learn about the art of bookbinding and the science of historic conservation.

A green background with white calligraphy and flourishes creating a book drawn with scroll-lines. Text reads Guild of Book Workers - City in a Forest.

Practice sketches for the creation of the City in a Forest Event Logo

A green pamphlet with City in a Forest logo at the top followed by Guild of Book Workers and their calligraphic book icon from GBW. Filling the rest of the space is a calligraphic flourish. A pamphlet is surrounded by book binding tools. To the left are beeswax, thread, and a sewing needle. To the right are a bone folder and an awl. All items sit on a black, gridded cutting mat.